Our Co-operative has enterd for several business in our history to improve the financial situation of the society Wheelchair building, Wooden puzel making, Laundry service, Bookshop, Sport therapy and Renting rooms. folowings are the currently operating busineses



Thias is the main source of our income. Laundry section has served a stable group of customers our service caters for both household and institutional coustome,r please contact for your laundry requirments.



This section was initially started to sell the Cement flower pots produced by the members, addition to that we have added house and garden plants, plastic flower pots, titanium pots, compost, coir dust etc.

RENTAL ROOMS for working ladies


Section of the workshop building is being converted in to two rental rooms with attached bathrooms and a common kitchen. this business has a good demand their for we have plan to add more rooms in the future.

Laundry section
HOMESTAY (for tourist)


The object of this project is to increase the funding for the running cost of the co-op. The project plans to increase its income by providing Homestay Service to tourist who visit SRI LANKA.

Nylander Co-Op by expanding into a homestay service provider improves their opportunities to meet other friendly persons from both local and foreign who are interested of disabled. your support would be appreciated for this project.



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community service


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